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Platinum International Diamond - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Esdras & Rosa Cabrera

Freedom is having the opportunity to do the things I have always wanted to do, but couldn’t; for example, helping my loved ones and contributing to the needs of people all over the world. I have taken steps toward freedom by developing trust, faith, and confidence that I could make it. With God’s help, as well as 4Life and the International Networkers Team’s support, I have been able to achieve freedom. 4Life has been God’s instrument to change my life for the better. Through this wonderful company, I now experience increased health support, financial stability, and opportunities for service. Helping others to become free is my source of energy and motivation. I experience a renewed passion everyday to help change people’s lives, and together with 4Life, give hope to a world in crisis. I identify myself with the commitment of our Founders, David and Bianca Lisonbee, and their vision for changing the world by touching one heart at a time. As each day passes, it becomes more evident to me that the world needs an opportunity like 4Life to experience health support through the wonderful products, improved financial opportunities, and a new way to live with God's help. 4Life is the answer the world needs.