Juan & Damaris Rosado my4Life

Platinum International Diamond - US

Juan & Damaris Rosado President's Club

Freedom means being able to choose how to live and rule my own life—taking control of what I want, how I want it, when I want it, and being able to decide on my own. To be free, I have maintained faith. I have never stopped believing that I would achieve freedom. I have stayed strong and never surrendered my dreams. 4Life® has provided us with a unique opportunity in the network marketing industry. We have unique products that provide valuable health support for our families, a unique and generous compensation plan, and a corporate team that is committed to taking care of us. It is really satisfying to invest time into people who have embraced the message and defied their own fears, doubts, and challenges. Seeing their transformation and knowing that you are part of their success and accomplishments inspires a feeling of happiness similar to when you see your child graduate; there is a satisfaction in knowing that you helped them achieve their purpose. I am really passionate about my job, helping others and becoming a bridge for them to walk out of slavery and become free, that is what keeps me motivated.